Congratulations for holding a successful webinar or online event!

Now what will you do with all that video you recorded?

The problem: You have so much amazing video content you want to share from your webinar or online event but you don’t know how to get started. Or you don’t have enough time to organize and edit every video — to really give this project the time it deserves. It all feels a bit overwhelming.

The solution: Let us help you!


Preparation: If you contact us before your online event, we can advise you on creating the best videos possible.

  • Provide directions on crafting a professional video setup
  • Gather necessary logos and branding guidelines
  • Research and license music (if needed)

Post Production: Everything that happens after the webinar or online event.

  • Organize files using digital asset management (DAM) best practices
  • Transcribe video sessions
  • Suggest edits to each video
  • Edit videos
    • Add logos or other branding
    • Add licensed music (if needed)
    • Normalize and even out audio
    • Export videos to video platform specifications
    • Add subtitles or captions in different languages


Eliza Powell is an experienced photographer / filmmaker, living in Tanzania, who has worked for a number of international clients from safari companies throughout Africa to NGOs and non-profit organisations, providing photography and video filming / post-production services. Her most recent work for The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action has involved working with pre-recorded webinar and Zoom conference footage, turning it into edited and branded video content. You can view her work at

Laura Elizabeth Pohl is a photographer and filmmaker for international humanitarian agencies. In the past year, she has worked with organizations including The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic Mobilizing Network and Save Maryland Transit to turn their webinar and online event videos into easily-consumed podcasts and videos. You can see her work at